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What You Might Not Have Known Your Practice Management Software Could Do

What You Might Not Have Known Your Practice Management Software Could Do
Here are some of the things you might not have known about practice management software.

There is a lot of emphasis that gets placed on understanding what role electronic health records (EHRs) have in today’s medical practices. However, practice management software can often be the unsung hero, and this software is what contributes to the business aspect of the healthcare profession. If you have the right practice management software, managers can bill and schedule patients more easily and even create monthly reports that will make workflow more smooth. However, there are some aspects of practice management software that not everyone knows about. Here are some of the things you might not have known about practice management software.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Many of the modern-day insurance policies we have are incredibly complex. This makes it tougher for patients to know what services are covered for them. With insurance eligibility verification, knowing what is covered and what is not doesn’t have to be complicated anymore. Many PM systems can send eligibility requests on demand or automatically from the patients’ demographics or from the schedule via the clearinghouse connection. 

Patient Balance Trackers

Insurance policies can be incredibly complicated, and the explanation of benefits only serves to complicate things further. After insurance gets paid, patients are often unsure of what money they owe. That is why you need practice management software that comes with a patient balance tracker. This way, a receptionist will be alerted whenever a patient has a balance on their account that is due.

Insurance Card Scanning

Most medical practices want to do what they can to save people at the front desk more time. Therefore it’s helpful for you to have practice management software with an insurance card scanning feature. With this feature, the staff at the front desk can get all the vital information from a patient’s insurance card with ease and great efficiency. They also will not have to make seemingly endless trips to the copy machine.

Validation of Procedures for a Diagnosis

Usually, insurance companies will not pay for any procedures unless patients have a particular diagnosis. It makes everything easier on the doctors performing procedures if they can know ahead of time whether said procedures are covered by a patient’s insurance.

Automatic Claim Resubmission

Something that truly takes considerable time away from medical billers is the resubmitting of insurance claims. But fortunately, practice management software can solve this issue. With practice management software, you can get claim resubmission to be automated. This helps make your cash flow better, and your operations will run more smoothly and effectively. When claim resubmission is automated, physicians will have more time to spend with their patients.

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