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Medical Billing Software

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MedHelp’s – ProtoMEDâ„¢ Practice Management Software tool offers the nation’s first Web-based electronic claims product that automatically links insurance claims with Medicare and BCBS payors who offers direct claims processing – There are no clearing house fees associated with this electronic processing! This scalable desktop solution provides complete medical management, sophisticated Claims Management Tools and Real-Time Billing solutions to your practice or facility.

Summary of Features

One Screen Resource Scheduling

  • Patient scheduling demographics are linked using one integrated scheduling screen

The nation’s first Web-based Electronic Claims System

  • Automatically links claims with insurance payers that offer direct-claims processing

Claims Management Tool

  • Provides real-time amalgamated access to all insurance claims

Interactive Medical Management Help Desk Support

  • Worldwide real-time Help Desk Center from any Internet browser interface

Push Button Charge Processing

  • Allows multiple line item billing with total accuracy with the touch of one button

Unique Online ICD-10 Keyword Support Enhances Charge Entry

  • Integrated ICD-10 Index enables access by any diagnostic keyword, regardless of its place in the ICD-10 description

Undistributed Payment Processing

  • Enter the full value of any amount received without immediately disbursing payments. This process allows for complete audits of daily cash where cash totals are equal to actual deposits

Automatic Reimbursement Analysis

  • Our system identifies reimbursement trends and variances in payments or allowances are flagged immediately

Collections Manager

  • Create automatic collection parameters for statement messages, special collection letters or the initiation of internal collections procedures during statement processing

Customizable Reports

  • Reports are customized to match your business needs

Sample Monthly Reports

Our medical billing software also provides you with convenient access to billing and payment summaries on-line. This method allows our physician practices to devote more time to providing quality health care to their patients or hospital administrators the opportunity to concentrate on hospital management concerns. As a result, less time is dedicated to daunting billing matters.

We truly revolutionize the way that claims are processed. No other medical management company in the nation can offer such automation and customer service levels as MedHelp, Inc.

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