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Physician/Facility Billing

We are experienced in working with third-party payers to maximize reimbursement for physicians and hospitals.

Urgent Care Center Billing

We bring your revenue cycle full-circle with our credentialing, billing, coding, practice management and EMR systems .

FQHC/Community Health Center Billing

Our FQHC/CHC Revenue Cycle Management Solutions provides answers to the problems you are trying to solve!

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Billing

We work with substance abuse centers and hospitals, providing billing management solutions.

What Surgical Centers Must Consider for Revenue Cycle Management

Medicaid/MCO Appeals & Recovery

We provide positive financial impact solutions that impact emergency department underpayments.

Reduce Billing Time & Overhead Costs for Your Practice & Hospital

As a private specialty physician practice, hospital Patient Account Director or CFO you want to concentrate on providing the best high-quality medical care possible to your patients while, at the same time, ensuring that your Practice and Facility thrives as a business.

Many options are available to help you facilitate your needs; however, to reach your bottom-line, you need to optimize profits, enhance patient satisfaction and reduce your overall expenses; you need a professional company that has the expertise to achieve your goals and business objectives.

Who Are We

For over 20 years, MedHelp, Inc. has helped practices and hospital facilities enhance their cash flow and streamline their front-end-processes and revenue cycles. Our national exposure and experience as Revenue Recovery Specialists allows you ‘Peace of Mind’ when selecting MedHelp, Inc. as your Medical Billing Partner.

At MedHelp, Inc., our experienced medical billing specialists manage your complete practice or facility billing management from beginning to end. Why waste time and money by doing it yourself – Let MedHelp, Inc. take you to the next level!

What Can We Do for Your Practice or Facility

MedHelp, Inc. enables all provider types the ability to maximize quality and office efficiency by providing them with outstanding medical billing, Emergency Department MCO Denial Appeals, Revenue Recovery, Pro-Fee Billing and Credentialing solutions. Our solution enhances patient relations, streamlines efficiency, improves profitability and helps medical practices and facilities stay current and compliant with industry standards and regulations.

MedHelp, Inc.’s mission is to provide revenue cycle and specialty physician billing solutions. Our solutions are designed to provide our clients the capability to simplify their operations and improve the delivery of healthcare.

Let us prove our services to you… Allow MedHelp, Inc. to handle your largest outstanding A/R accounts! We deliver the results you’ve been looking for! Please call us toll-free at 800.275.6011 for details, or click here to get started now!

Don't just take Our Word for it.

“MedHelp has become an important part of our Medicaid process at Adventist HealthCare. Not only have they helped us qualify many patients, who in the past would have remained self-pay, but they have also helped us improve our Medicaid collections significantly!”
Fred Morgan Regional Director, Patient Financial Services
Adventist HealthCare
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