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Signs That a Medical Billing Company Shouldn’t Be Trusted

Signs That a Medical Billing Company Shouldn't Be Trusted
To keep yourself from picking the wrong medical billing company, here are a few warning signs to monitor.

Outsourcing medical billing can be one of the best decisions your medical practice makes. This is usually done whenever practices feel as though they don’t have enough staff, tools, finances, or space to carry out billing in-house. But determining whether you need a medical billing company is only half the battle. You also must avoid untrustworthy companies. To keep yourself from picking the wrong medical billing company, here are a few warning signs to monitor.

They Will Only Provide References If They Are On a Pre-Printed List

Some companies will only feel comfortable giving you a reference list if they know that those references will reflect well on the company. But you will be better off picking a medical billing company that is not afraid to show reviews from all their clients. Whenever a company has a long list of clients, and they only provide a small fraction of clients as references, it leaves you wondering what all the other clients would have said.

You Aren’t Given Access to Their System So You Can Look Up Patient Accounts

This is what makes a cloud-based system so helpful and easy. Your vendor gives you your login information and password, allowing you to view all your information. It only makes sense that you can view all your own data.

However, some medical billing companies have been said to deny people access to systems, and their reasoning is that their system is “proprietary.”  Perhaps there is something on their system that they do not want you to see.

You Aren’t Allowed to Have an Interview with The Lead Biller

You want to know who will be working with you. The lead biller is the person with whom your staff will speak with over many years. You also want to figure out whether your biller is a thinker or if they are a data-entry individual.

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