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Urgent Care Center Billing

Are you sick and tired of not knowing exactly what your billing company is doing, or how they are doing in collecting your cash? Can you easily understand the reports you receive at the end of the month? Can you get answers to your questions when you want them? How responsive are they to your needs?

As fellow business owners we understand your issues and challenges. From Care-to-Cash, MedHelp, Inc. provides your Urgent Care Center the valuable medical billing and technology based resources needed to grow your revenue. With complete transparency, you know exactly where your account stands in real-time. We save you time and money. We deal with the Payers—So You Don’t Have To! We generate you more income—more quickly, increase your profits and enhance your cash flow!

MedHelp, Inc. brings your revenue cycle full-circle with our Physician Credentialing, Professional Billing, Coding, Practice Management and EMR systems combined with our unparalleled Customer Service and Reliability.

MedHelp, Inc. understands your need to know where your financials stand at any given time. Your financial reports are customized as determined by what information YOU wish to receive, and in what style(s) YOU prefer to view them. These reports can be accessed 24/7 through our practice management system.

Transparency is a key aspect of our business. Your view of our billing system allows you to see everything we have done on a patient’s account from beginning to end, including the ability to read all notes. Our service to you is an open book, with nothing hidden from your view. It is just one part of the customer service experience we firmly believe you deserve, don’t you?

For over 20 years, we have successfully provided an immediate positive financial impact on our client’s cash flow. We are big enough to handle all of your receivables yet intimate enough to offer world-class customer service with a personal touch. MedHelp, Inc. is a trusted partner that works for you! We care about your business, because when you are successful we are successful.

We know every billing company will tell you that they are the best, and that their customer service is second to none, so please don’t just take our word for it, call and ask for a reference list of MedHelp clients. Nobody can drive home the message of our service like the people who use it!

Give us an opportunity to provide a solution that works for you! Call us today at (800) 275-6011 and schedule a meeting to discuss how we can help your Urgent Care Center increase its financial health or click here to get started now!