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Client Testimonials

Helped to Improve Our Organization on Multiple Levels

The purpose of this letter is to offer my support for the work that Med Help, Inc. has provided to Total Health Care (THC) regarding its revenue cycle management. Total Health Care

(THC) began its revenue cycle engagement with MedHelp on May 1, 2016. Since that time we have seen our cash collections increase dramatically, our days in receivables drop significantly and, because MedHelp has been able to customize their reporting to us, we have been able better understand the financial health of our organization.

Total Health Care had outsourced its revenue cycle work to a large national Revenue Cycle Management and Systems company prior to MedHelp coming on board. We experienced some challenges working with that company and, as a result, made the decision to switch to MedHelp who brought with it a different kind of billing solution. Working diligently with our staff, MedHelp has been able to correct ongoing errors and streamline processes in order to make the back-end billing process work well. MedHelp understood that in order to eliminate billing errors the entire process had co be a partnership between us and them. Even before we went live , with our contract , with MedHelp the company began identifying front-end errors that were slowing down our collections and causing outright denial by the payers. MedHelp worked carefully , with our management team and front desk staff to minimize these mistakes and the result was a positive impact on our collections and accounts receivable.

Because we wanted to keep the Operating System and EHR of the national company and reduce the learning curve of our staff on an entirely new system, we were able to work with MedHelp to develop an HL-7 interface between our existing system and MedHelp’s operating system. MedHelp’s customized reports and thorough understanding of the information contained within those reports not only gave us a focused view into the finances of the organization, but their analysis of our operations showed us where we were under performing at all levels of the revenue cycle process. We saw claim submissions denial rate go down from 21% to 6%, with a goal of getting us to an average of less than 2%, and our days in receivables decreased by over 50%.

I cannot stress enough how much MedHelp has helped to improve our organization on multiple levels. It is because of their work and the success that we have bad working , with them that I highly recommend MedHelp as a potential FQHC partner to work with you on your revenue cycle management and other needs. If you should have any questions about this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Richard Greene
chief Financial Officer Total Health Care, Inc.

Valued and Appreciated

“Jim, Chris, Ed & Shanelle—(and Mike and Tory!)

I just wanted to once again say thanks for the fabulous job you’ve done since taking over our billing. I don’t think I could ever convey what a benefit you’ve been to our organization in the face of uncertain funding and increasingly difficult billing processes.

Today’s meeting with all of you was a perfect example of your excellent level of service. Your responsiveness and willingness to do whatever we need on a moment’s notice is valued and appreciated.


Linda McIntyre, CPA, MBA
Director of Finance and Administration
Baltimore Crisis Response, Inc.

Complete Satisfaction

“Contracting MedHelp was our first experience using the services of an outsourcing company. We are so pleased with the job they have done for us that we will not be shopping around for another vendor in the foreseeable future.”

Dr. John Gordon
Eastern Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center

Beyond Expectations

“We have used the services of MedHelp since March of 1997 to do our professional fee billing and medical assistance qualification. They have performed beyond our expectations, so much so that we have involved them in collecting some of our “old” accounts receivable.”

John Topper
Vice President of Finance
Mercy Medical Center

Significantly Improved Collections

“MedHelp has become an important part of our Medicaid process at Adventist HealthCare. Not only have they helped us qualify many patients, who in the past would have remained self-pay, but they have also helped us improve our Medicaid collections significantly!”

Fred Morgan
Regional Director, Patient Financial Services
Adventist HealthCare

Excellent Communication With Extra Benefits

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased Chester River Hospital Center is with the services we are receiving from MEDHELP. We are getting everything we thought we would, good service, excellent communication, prompt attention to our patients, and very good follow-up, plus some extras that have proven to be very well received in the facility.
The extra I am referring to is the way John, and now Lucille, are interacting with our department staff and with the clinical staff. We have had zero complaints both from our patients and our staff with how MEDHELP conducts themselves in our hospital. John has never refused to spend time with me or to explain a process or discuss a particular patient if we needed to do that.

All in all, we are delighted with the relationship that is building between Chester River Hospital Center and MEDHELP. I certainly expect this to continue and get even better.”

William C. Schaffner
Director, Patient Financial Services

“By outsourcing the billing/collections function to MedHelp, Glenwood Life now has a better understanding of the revenue recovery process and knowledge of how to deal with insurance companies. We are also aware of what is required of the follow-up process and how to manage AR in order to get the bills paid. MedHelp has done it all – cash flow has improved, days in AR have decreased and we are collecting money much faster!”

G. Lincoln
Glenwood Counseling Center, Inc.

“We chose MedHelp, Inc. as our billing service because they had all we were looking for… the ability to maximize our revenues while providing us with personal attention and delivering the highest quality of customer service.”

Karen Reese, M.A., CAC-AD
Man Alive, Inc., Executive Director
Lane Treatment Center, LLC, CEO

“I truly value the relationship we have built with the entire MedHelp family. The services you provide have been a blessing; you simplified our billing process, and in doing so kept us from going insane.”

Deirdre M Davis, MS, CAC-AD, AADS
Clinical Director
Baltimore Community Resource Center