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FQHC/Community Health Center Billing

Consider the following… per a recent study conducted by MGMA, nearly all providers leave over 24% of their revenue uncollected.  Additionally, FQHCs and Community Health Centers face the challenges of sustainability, significant funding cutbacks and the uncertainty of monthly revenues.  The average center loses $1,780,000 every year in unpaid claims.

The average FQHC/CHC cost to collect percentage after salaries, expenses, training, taxes and benefits is 13.42%, while MedHelp, Inc. brings in a lot more cash at half of the cost.

We focus on maximizing your revenue for services provided, thus allowing you to concentrate on the care of your patients.  Our solutions enable our business partners to fully realize the benefits of improved productivity throughout the entire revenue cycle.

Most importantly, we provide the training and support that enables your staff to ramp up quickly and realize tangible improvements in billing, follow-up and significantly decreased denials.

If your FQHC/CHC is experiencing issues in the following areas:

  • Ineffectual Front-End Process
  • Eligibility Issues
  • Authorizations
  • Credentialing
  • Cash Flow Issues

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