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Corporate Bios

James Nichols, CEO/President

James specializes in providing financial, strategic, and Practice/Facility management services to Specialty Medical Practices and Hospital Facilities. Additionally, he is responsible for all finance and accounting functions of the Company. James also oversees the company’s strategic technology initiatives and as one of the Company’s co-founders, he is directly involved in the long-term growth strategy of the business. Throughout his career in health care, James has worked with a wide variety of medical practices throughout the Eastern United States.

Rick Greenberg, COO

Rick has over 25 years of leadership experience in the healthcare industry having worked for healthcare payers, clearinghouses and EHR/PM vendors. Rick works closely with the staff to ensure that all company policies and procedures are implemented. Oversees the company’s strategic technology initiatives and works closely with the CEO to plan the long-term growth strategy of the business.

Ed Waldron, Office Manager

With several years in the medical management specialty industry, Ed is responsible for facilitating staff training, managing client accounts receivable and supporting the medical management and implementation of new client programs. Ed has extensive experience in medical billing and patient accounts billing.

Chris Knight, Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Chris is responsible for Infrastructure Engineering, Support, Information Security and Business Continuity. Chris is closely involved with the client implementation and subsequent support of MedHelp, Inc.’s Facility/Practice Management System. Chris has over 25 years of industry experience and has held similar positions in local hospital systems.