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Emergency Department Medicaid/MCO Denial Appeals Program & Recovery Solutions

Directors of Patient Financial Services, CFOs and Admissions Directors, while you understand the stress your patients are under during an emergency situation, MedHelp, Inc. recognizes the pressures of physicians and facilities being underpaid or simply, not paid at all.

In 2001, the American Medical Association found that physicians lost $4.2 billion in revenue providing care mandated by the EMTALA. Additionally, under EMTALA, the average emergency physician carries about $140,000 in unpaid charges each year; other specialties also feel the pinch to lesser extents. According to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), about half of ALL emergency services go uncompensated.

MedHelp has discovered that appealing emergency department underpayments (Medicaid/MCO Denials) is a task that nearly all facilities overlook… In most cases, some facilities never expect to collect this money and pre-write it off under the pretext of Doubtful Accounts, in other cases, it is simply a matter of a lack of personnel to facilitate this effort; lastly, it is simply an overlooked revenue stream.

Regardless of the supposition, MedHelp can provide immediate positive financial impact in this area and increase your staffing levels without increasing your capital expenditure and internal resources. What would this additional revenue stream mean to your facility, your physicians and your bottom line?

Within this niche service offering, MedHelp researches and reviews records for proof of medical necessity and will appeal all claims through adjudication. Services include: scrutinizing your receivables for medical necessity errors, resubmitting the corrected claims to the payers for proper reimbursement and appealing all denials through complete adjudication.

MedHelp, Inc. saves your facility time and money, we deal with the Payers – Not You! And we WILL generate you more income – more quickly, increase your profits and enhance your cash flow! We understand your issues and challenges…

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