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Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment Facilities

Billing issues are not only a plague for medical healthcare providers but for Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment facilities as well. The need to harness the cost and effect that these issues have on your organization and develop better management practices is critical to your financial success.

MedHelp, Inc. is pleased to offer medical billing solutions for Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment facilities’ financial management needs. We work with substance abuse centers (Treatment & Mental Health) and major hospitals in the Mid-Atlantic region providing billing management services and solutions.

In order to minimize the impact to your industry, MedHelp believes that effective denial prevention & claims recovery management demands a committed team approach. This approach entails an In-depth analysis of the high vulnerabilities of these issues and solutions of how we can fix the problems.

MedHelp, Inc.’s billing service provide solutions such as an electronic billing systems, electronic eligibility and authorization services that allow your organization to benefit from nearly zero claim denials, optimized revenue & increased staff efficiency levels.

Case Study: Glenwood Life Counseling Center, Inc. – Collection Percentages Grows Substantially With the Assistance of MedHelp, Inc. – click to download.

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