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Traits Your Front Office Staff Will Need

Traits Your Front Office Staff Will Need
What are some of the traits that your front office staff members need to provide high-quality care?

As a doctor’s office, you want to provide a great patient experience. While some of that burden rests on your shoulders, every staff member has a role to play in providing an excellent experience. What are some of the traits that your front office staff members need to provide high-quality care?  

Good Communication Skills

Your front office staff are the primary line of communication between patients and the rest of your dental practice, so good communication skills are essential. The best front office staff are able to triage issues over the phone, schedule appointments, and multitask with ease. You should also look for people who can communicate effectively.

Organization Skills

Staying organized is key when you have so many responsibilities, so it is important that your front office staff are well-organized. You will need to hire someone who can proactively keep everything in order, follow any existing organizational systems you have in place, and maintain strict standards to avoid HIPAA violations.  

Multitasking Skills

The front office staff are responsible for a variety of different activities, from using scheduling software to collecting payments. The people you hire will need to manage many tasks over the course of a single day, including updating patient information, identifying administrative problems, working with insurance companies to resolve claims issues, and building relationships with patients. 


Because your front office staff members make one of the first impressions on patients, it is important that they act professionally, even when stressed or under pressure. Make sure that your receptionists arrive on time, smile, and behave professionally no matter what. 

Able to Handle Stress

Even if you are just a family practice, you will encounter stressful situations as part of doing business and seeing patients. Your front office staff will need to be able to handle stress and work with patients in tense situations. They will also be able to handle all of these situations with compassion and sensitivity, even if patients are behaving erratically or have a poor attitude. 

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