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Tips to Improve Payment Collection from Patients

Tips to Improve Payment Collection from Patients
Here is what your medical practice can do to help collect patient payments.

Collecting patient payments is vital for ensuring your medical practice can bring in more revenue. You want to be sure your practice is paid promptly, but collecting the payments from your patients isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Fortunately, there are tips you can use to make it easier for your practice to receive these payments. Here is what your medical practice can do to help collect patient payments.

Collect Your Payments Upfront

The ideal time to collect patient payments is at the front desk when your patients are directly in front of you. Because of this, be sure that the staff behind the desk remind patients of any outstanding balances and previous attempts to collect payments.

Use a Patient Portal to Collect Payments

You don’t want your patients to be stressed out when they’re trying to pay your practice for the services you provided. Let them pay by using an online patient portal to ease the payment process. This way, even when they aren’t at your facility, they can still make payments from the comfort of their homes.

Offer Payment Plans

Perhaps you have a patient who wants to make their payments but doesn’t have the means to do so now. To help them out, you can create a payment plan that offers flexible payment scheduling. This will help lighten the burden of payment for them so that each payment is more manageable.

Accept Many Different Payment Options

Your medical practice will have an easier time collecting payments if it makes paying easier for patients. If you want to make it easier to collect payments, you should offer multiple payment options, such as cash, credit and debit cards, checks, and more. This also shows that you are accommodating to those who need to make payments to your practice, so people might think more highly of your practice if you give them more options. Lastly, when you offer different payment options, there’s a larger likelihood that a patient will have an acceptable payment method available, meaning they should be able to pay your practice more quickly.

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