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How to Lower the Number of Claim Denials Your Practice Faces

How to Lower the Number of Claim Denials Your Practice Faces
Here is what your medical practice should be doing to reduce claim denials.

Many individuals deal with financial pressure in the United States, and medical practices can face their own types of financial strain as well. As such, it’s important for your practice to bring in as much revenue as it can. Something that can get in the way of revenue generation is the denial of medical claims. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimize how many denials you encounter. Here is what your medical practice should be doing to reduce claim denials.

Confirm Your Patient Info Up-Front

Perhaps your medical facility is understaffed or otherwise too busy to look at crucial details pertaining to your patients. This is an easy way to get your claims denied. That’s why you need to train your staff to acquire these details about your patients as quickly as possible. You can use software tools to make the process automated and simple, which can save you considerable time.

Tell Patients What Responsibilities They Have

Not everything in your medical practice is handled by your own staff. Sometimes, you need to let your patients know about their own responsibilities. You could have a standard form that patients sign acknowledging that you’ve let them know what their responsibilities are. You could also put a sign in your reception area or post patient responsibilities on your company website.

Keep Staff Updated on Training

Claim denials can also arise because of insufficient staff training. Start by telling your staff that all clinical documents are needed to support whatever diagnoses and treatments you’re providing your patients. It’s also possible that your staff needs to learn some up-to-date medical coding techniques, as optimal coding practices can change over time.

Submit Your Medical Claims On Time

You only have a certain amount of time to get medical claims submitted. Even when your claims are correctly filled out, you could still face claim denials if these claims don’t get submitted in a timely fashion.

Whenever claims are late, you should look for reasons for those delays, such as oversights or overworked staff. Once all the problems have been identified, try to batch your medical claims and get them sent based on a schedule to avoid having them be late in the future.

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