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Traits That Urgent Care EMR Should Have

Traits That Urgent Care EMR Should Have
Find out what traits you should have in your urgent care EMR system.

Urgent care has been in higher demand as of late. This means there are more centers available that offer urgent care services nowadays. This is great for consumers because they have more options, but for the centers themselves, it becomes more difficult to bring in clients because there is more competition.  You’ll need a good urgent care EMR system if you want to stand out in the industry, but what kind of system is best for you? Find out what traits you should have in your urgent care EMR system.

Systems Integration

Urgent care EMR isn’t any better than the data it is able to collect and share. Because of this, your system should have an integration feature that allows you to share data with other systems.

As an example, getting your EMR to integrate with your facility’s billing system is quite useful because you can streamline your medical billing procedures this way while making your front office more efficient and minimizing coding mistakes. The integration feature also cuts down on the time needed for entering patient information.

Document Scanning Abilities

All urgent care clinics are different, and they will require customized workflows to go with the different needs that they have. These workflows can be created more easily when your urgent care EMR system has document scanning abilities. This way, you won’t have to gather, copy, and/or fax any files. You also make it far less likely to run into billing delays or lose any papers.

Medication Tracking

Urgent care centers will meet with plenty of patients every week, and when you have such a large number of patients, tracking all of their medications can be tricky. This becomes much easier when your urgent care EMR system has a medication tracking function. With this feature, you can monitor the medication information of your patients much more easily. This helps you determine how a medication might interact with any other medications they could be taking, and you’ll be able to tell if your patients could have an allergic reaction to any of them.

Appointment Reminders

Something that consumers really enjoy about urgent care facilities is the ability to walk in and be seen immediately. However, if there is something that is less urgent, it’s convenient for the consumer if they can make an appointment ahead of time. Some EMR systems can integrate with planners, meaning that consumers can get reminders regarding when they have medical appointments. This saves your clinic staff members plenty of time.

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