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How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Front Office

How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Front Office
Here are ways for you to improve the efficiency of your medical facility’s front office.

Your front office staff are often the first people your clients meet when they enter your medical facility. They handle a lot of your facility’s administrative duties so that your medical practice can function seamlessly.

You want them to be capable of completing their jobs as effectively as they can. To do this, there are some strategies your practice can implement. Here are ways for you to improve the efficiency of your medical facility’s front office.

Make Sure Roles and Responsibilities are Defined

The number of staff will depend on the size of your practice. When you work in a larger practice, you’ll need more people, and coordinating with all of them to establish roles will help your medical practice run more smoothly. One way you could divide the roles is as follows:

  • Front Desk Staff: Your front desk should handle the collecting of payments, scheduling, and patient intake. Sometimes, they might need to use your EHR system to make accounts for new patients.
  • Practice Manager: The practice manager leads both the front, as well as back, office staff. They ensure that record keeping stays in compliance, and they might track accounts payable.

When your office isn’t efficient, your staff is more susceptible to burnout. This causes turnover rates to go up, and the experience your patients have at your facility will be worse.

Scheduling Practices

Calendar scheduling is not something you want to be doing anymore. This system just can’t keep up with modern times, which is why you want to use more current scheduling software. The software you pick should help your staff get certain tasks done more quickly, including:

  • Assigning outcome measures
  • Getting appointments scheduled
  • Setting up telehealth sessions
  • Looking at, and accepting payments
  • Reviewing and adding clinical documentation

You also want to be sure your software has a central hub. This way, your staff can complete their tasks using fewer steps and while taking less time.

Billing Practices

Another great way to raise your front office’s effectiveness is to get your billing practices streamlined. Make sure you use a billing system that stays compliant with all regulations in your area. At the same time, your billing system should offer perks as well. It should be able to send billing information to your clients with great speed. A color-coding system would also be helpful so you can decipher which claims are overdue, unbilled, or in-process.

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