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Eight Reasons To Support Outsourcing Medical Billing

Take a look at the benefits that outsourcing medical billing can do for you.

There are some people who believe keeping all medical billing in-house is the most sound solution for them.  However, this is not always the case. Leaving everything up to your own business can end up being costly, as well as put more of a strain on your workers.  Take a look at the benefits that outsourcing medical billing can do for you.

Free Up Office Space

If you are outsourcing medical billing, the biller doesn’t have to find somewhere to handle medical billing.  Instead, billing records are handled by a team of people that is meant to specifically handle those records for you.

Make Some Employee Turnover Irrelevant

If you are outsourcing medical billing, employee turnover in the billing department is not your concern anymore.  High turnover is almost certain to happen if your practice isn’t large enough to warrant having its own billing department.  Some of the billing work demands specific skills in areas such as synthesis, communication, and analysis that not everyone in-house may be able to handle.

Cut Down On Incoming Phone Calls

Office staff enjoy when calls can go straight to the billing service.  But if there’s anything better than that, it’s not having calls made in the first place.  This is made possible because outsourcing medical billing often results in having fewer billing claims and errors.

Turn a Fixed Expense Into a Variable One

Staff and office space are two expenses that are pre-determined.  They can only go so low regardless of how low the amount of billing becomes.  There is going to be a correlation between costs and collections whenever a practice pays a certain percentage of collections for their billing service.

Know What’s Happening in the Marketplace

You want to have a broad perspective on everything happening in the healthcare marketplace. In-house billers won’t know what other practices do, nor will they know what the outcomes of those practices might be.

Anticipate Payer Rule Changes

A competent billing service will always know about the various proposed and pending changes that may be impactful on a revenue cycle. This is especially true for technical changes that are rarely ever detected by a medical practice until its reimbursements end up being impacted.

Access Solid Data Analytics

When outsourcing medical billing, you get staff that can help your practice figure out what they’re doing right and what they can improve when maximizing reimbursements.  The service you choose can teach your providers and staff how to prevent errors that can harm your impact claims.

Know Your Accounts Receivables

Outsourcing medical billing means you’ll know precisely where you stand with regards to receivables.  Any quality billing service can tell you the percentage of claims that get paid from your initial submission, how may claims are outstanding for 30, 60, or 90 daysand which payers are the most vital to your practice.  This information is critical, but in-house billers don’t have the time to gather this information.

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