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Are Both EHR And A Practice Management System Needed?

This is how you can determine if EHR and a practice management system are both necessary for you.

There is an abundance of people who use a practice management system as well as electronic health and medical record systems that healthcare providers can use.  Due to the wide variety but lack of access to information about these systems, confusion often comes up. This makes it more difficult for various practices to select the correct product to streamline all of their operations. Doctors tend to be focused more on their patients than anything else.  Because of this, there is a strong chance that doctors are not always aware of the differences. This is how you can determine if EHR and a practice management system are both necessary for you.

How Can Practice Management Software Help Providers?

Medical practice management system (PMS) is meant to streamline administrative workflow about your practice. You can organize appointments electronically, schedule tasks, set reminders for upcoming meetings, and more to reduce your staff’s workload, allowing them to attend to other matters.

Collection and reuse of data is something else available to a practice management system. Data includes patients’ names, demographics, and contact information.  New patient data only has to be entered into a patient information form once before the information becomes available for future visits.

Data analysis and report creation features in different practice management software systems provide reports with easy-to-digest information as a means of analyzing the performance of the practice.  This helps spot loopholes so they can be addressed and get better performance.

System Architecture of PMS

Practice management software is made into three varieties of system architecture: desktop software, web-based software-and client/server software.

Desktop practice management software is made for smaller practices that use just one computer.  This practice management system lets staff electronically handle their operations to be more time-efficient.

Many practices use Web-based medical practice management systems. The practice management system is hosted on a server and is managed by an IT company.  Doctors who use the same PMS can use the Internet to access systems and organize tasks as they should.

Client/server systems are similar to web-based ones.  The difference is that the server is inside of the practice’s premises.

What Is An Electronic Health Record (EHR)?

EHRs are focused more on patients.  They can store patient details such as disease codes, allergies, lab and treatment reports that have been used while treating the patient.  EHRs are different from any practice management system because they let you transfer and refer the entirety of a patient’s details with different specialists and laboratories, even if they are outside of your practice.

The Federal Department of Health and Human Services encourages using EHRs since they raise healthcare standards and makes a patient’s treatment as simple as possible. This is why the federal government has put the HITECH act in place, as it encourages doctors to use EHRs inside of their practice

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