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Why Outsourcing Urgent Care Billing is a Good Idea

Why Outsourcing Urgent Care Billing is a Good Idea
Read on to learn why to outsource your urgent care billing services.

Medical facilities and practices have contemplated whether outsourcing their urgent care billing is a good idea. For some practices, they like the idea of performing these services in-house because they want to feel in control of their revenue. While this sounds reasonable, many facilities actually find themselves having less control of their finances when doing urgent care billing on their own.

Therefore outsourcing medical billing can be a wise move for many facilities. But there are other reasons you should consider when outsourcing these services to a third-party company. Read on to learn why to outsource your urgent care billing services.

Contract Negotiations

It’s critical to get the best urgent care agreements done, and this is significantly tougher if you don’t have years of experience working out negotiations in urgent care. By outsourcing to a third-party company, you’ll know for certain that the staff helping you out know which contract terms are feasible. This helps improve your rates a lot more quickly.


Sometimes, you’ll run into a situation in which a payor requires providers to get individual credentialing done. The paperwork will be best done by an expert in urgent care billing because not only can the process take around half a year to finish, but even the tiniest mistakes can set you back for several more months. It’s safest to leave this to people who are specialists in this domain.


Did you know there are a lot of urgent care facilities that take a loss in revenue due to not using the proper codes during urgent care billing?  You want to maximize your revenue, so it can be a big help to hire a third-party company that knows all of the best codes to use in every situation.

Claim Formatting

Claims must be done precisely. If there is so much as one code or digit not in order, the entire claim will be unsuccessful.  That’s why you should get these claims completed by professionals who know what must be done to prevent claim denials. Outsourcing urgent care billing means you’ll always have billing professionals helping you avoid claim denials.

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