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What Can Frustrate Patients at a Medical Practice

What Can Frustrate Patients at a Medical Practice
Let’s explore some significant issues that can frustrate patients in a medical practice.

Once upon a time, people stuck with their doctor through many years unless something terrible happened. This was often due to a lack of options, but it was also because finding another doctor or office was often tricky. That’s not the case today when the average person usually has multiple practices to choose from in their area. So if a patient and a medical office don’t click, or when there is something about a medical practice that bothers them, it is easy to switch. Let’s explore some significant issues that can frustrate patients in a medical practice.

Difficulty With Scheduling

One of the most irritating things for most parents is when an office needs to keep up with and utilize new technology

Most patients these days want to be able to schedule their appointments online rather than having to call and wait on hold with the office. Most patients prefer when there is an option to accomplish most simple tasks without speaking to someone on the phone. This is such a strong preference that, for some patients, it is enough to cause them to choose a new practice. If your practice is also overbooked and they have to wait forever for an appointment (or remain in your waiting room for hours as you try to catch up), this will also make them look for a different practice.

Difficulty With Communication

Another type of issue that can be enough to cause people to change their practice is difficulties with communication. Patients expect communication between appointments, especially if the patient is waiting on additional information from the provider. Good communication from the office about upcoming appointments can also make a considerable difference with patients (including when you’re running behind so that they don’t have to sit in a waiting room for too long). Most missed appointments happen because patients must remember or have the wrong time down. Another factor of communication is the chance for patients to give feedback. Make sure you’re utilizing the technology at your disposal to determine how they thought the visit went and judge patient satisfaction.

Professionalism In The Office

The final type of issue that can frustrate patients has to do with how they’re treated in the office. If the front staff is unprofessional or rude, you can lose patients. However, the bedside manner of the medical professional will also be a deciding factor. It would be best if you worked with everyone in your practice to make sure that they are friendly and welcoming and work to have a good relationship with the patients. Finally, make sure that your standards of professionalism and care extend to the communication that happens on the phone as well.

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