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Mistakes To Avoid Making in Urgent Care Billing

Mistakes To Avoid Making in Urgent Care Billing
Here are common mistakes you want to avoid making in urgent care billing.

You want to bring in as much revenue as possible if you have a medical facility. The problem is that a facility can lose money in many ways without being careful. Urgent care billing is one of those areas in which revenue can be lost if you need to get it done correctly. That’s why we want to inform you of mistakes that can be made so that you know how to avoid them. Here are common mistakes you want to avoid making in urgent care billing.

Settling on Bad Contracts/ Not Making Contracts

Any medical facility will need to set up contracts with different payers. Doing this forms a legal agreement stating that your payer will advertise your facility as in-network within that payer’s network. As a result, your medical facility will receive reimbursement in accordance with the fee schedule on which you agree. Failing to set up contracts before the opening of your facility means that it will become impossible to accept insurance to any capacity. To deal with this issue, get a contracting expert to help you negotiate contracts with your payers. Doing this ensures you not only get contracts ready on time but you also get good reimbursement rates to keep your facility from losing money unnecessarily.

Failing to Abide By Credentialing Guidelines

Some people may believe that credentialing and contracting are the same, but this is false. Credentialing is a process with a payer verifying a provider’s experience and credentials to ensure that patients will be safe around them. The credentialing requirements will vary from one payer to the next, so you can only assume that some payers will accept you if one decides to do so.

Missing Steps At Your Front Desk

When new patients enter your building, are your front desk staff members asking them the right questions? You must get all of the insurance information you need from a patient before they leave your business. It becomes significantly more challenging to acquire this information after they’ve left, and with this information, it becomes easier to collect full payments. When you get insurance information from patients, you also have to be sure the information you get is current and correct. Whether you have missing or incorrect information, your claims process will get slowed down.

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