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Denial Management Tips to Help You Lower Your Claim Rejections

Look at these denial management tips that will help you lower your claim rejections.

Medical billing plays a substantial role in the financial success of a practice. When claims get rejected, it can seriously harm the cash flow a practice may have. Denied medical claims can cost practices a significant amount of money, so knowing how to avoid denials can help any practice thrive. Scrutinizing detail is vital to avoiding rejections and to have a higher rate of clean claims. Look at these denial management tips that will help you lower your claim rejections.

Proof-Read Before You Submit

Make sure you review your claims before you send them out. Sometimes, practices feel pressed for time, and they may work too quickly because they have to make their deadlines. Whenever you rush through your work, you are more likely to make mistakes. Every detail is vital, so missing anything is a big deal. This can be a digit on a patient’s insurance card or a mishap that takes place while getting a number transposed, among other things. This is why proofreading is a crucial denial management method so that you avoid making these mistakes. As long as you take the extra time to review your work, you’ll be less likely to make errors.

Information Collection from the Front Desk

Typically, whoever is at the front desk has the responsibility of gathering and entering patient and insurance information. Part of proper denial management is collaborating with the front desk, making sure you get updated information after every patient visit. This way, every claim uses the right information.

Eligibility Verification

Your billing software needs to verify the eligibility of your patients every visit. That way, you’ll always have the right insurance information for billing your claims.

Submit to Correct Insurance

For any patient that has many different insurance carriers, you need to select the right one and identify it accordingly. If you submit a claim to the wrong insurance, it will get denied without question. Proper denial management requires you to use the right insurance every time, so make sure you’re careful.

Updated Insurance Requirements

New requirements are being made from insurance carriers these days, and these new requirements can cause claim rejections if you’re not careful. That’s why part of denial management means staying updated on how your industry is changing and what procedures are used. As long as you stay updated on this information, you can act accordingly and follow proper procedures.

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