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Why It’s Better to Leave Medical Coding to a Third-Party Company

Why It's Better to Leave Medical Coding to a Third-Party Company
For those who are thinking about outsourcing medical coding, here are the reasons it might be the right choice for you.

The compensation of healthcare organizations is contingent upon having accurate medical coding and claims that get submitted on-time. However, medical coding is not very simple. It can take a lot of time, and it can be expensive if you’re doing everything in-house. Because of the added labor and expenses, many practices are starting to entertain the idea of outsourcing medical coding services.

It is always tough deciding between in-house and outsourced medical coding services, and whether to do medical coding in-house or with the help of a third-party company is dependent on your practice’s circumstances. For those who are thinking about outsourcing medical coding, here are the reasons it might be the right choice for you.

Current Certifications

Medical coders are responsible for staying current on all of the latest updates. All certifications and necessary education must also remain current, as well as staying updated on information from healthcare organizations and government agencies.

Keeping track of all this information can be taxing, and it takes a lot of time to gather this information as it comes. But staying up to date is important because it can change the way in which medical coding is done.

To make staying current easier, consider hiring a third-party coding company. You will be freed from the task of gathering this information yourself. The experts you hire will handle everything for you, leaving you to tend to other matters your medical practice has.

You will Have Consistent Staffing Levels

If you perform coding in-house, you must depend on your team for every coding need you have. This is fine until some of your staff members are not available because of reasons such as sickness or injury or if the amount of coding that needs to get done exceeds what your team can handle. When these things happen, backlogs can occur, and payments may not be submitted on time.

When you outsource coding services, you will always have the right number of workers handling all of your medical coding needs. They have plenty of coders, allowing them to adjust how many work with you based on your practice’s volume of work.


In many situations, outsourcing medical coding to a third-party company can be economically beneficial. You do not have to hire your own workers, and you don’t have to maintain a team either. It is pricey to employ medical coders with the special skills you need. Outsourcing medical coding means you will have access to the coders you need while spending less money overall.

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