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Substance Abuse Billing Challenges You Could Encounter

Substance Abuse Billing Challenges You Could Encounter
Find out what challenges are encountered in the world of substance abuse billing.

Medical billing is a field that requires extensive knowledge, which is acquired over many years. You need to be familiar with all of the different codes and regulations for your practice, and understand which codes go with which medical conditions. It gets even more complicated when you think about all subcategories of medical billing, and how each sub-area has its own rules and regulations to follow. One subcategory of medical billing is substance abuse billing, and there are many challenges that staff in this field can experience. Find out what challenges are encountered in the world of substance abuse billing.

Higher Claim Denials

There are serious issues you can encounter regarding reimbursement because claim denials are a common occurrence in the field of substance abuse billing. Patients who have both substance abuse as well as mental health problems need to be treated differently from patients who have only substance abuse problems. By treating patients appropriately, you’ll have an easier time billing them appropriately.

Hard to Find Billing Experts

Given the complexity of the medical billing field, it can sometimes be difficult to find staff members with the knowledge needed to provide proper billing services. It only gets more difficult with substance abuse billing, and you can sometimes have reimbursement struggles, even when you have someone in your corner with years of billing experience. For this reason, it can be helpful to outsource these billing tasks to a third-party company that can handle medical billing on your behalf.

Increased Patient Responsibility

Patients are typically not held at fault for conditions that affect them. However, this is not always the case with substance abuse. Many payers have policies that deem substance abuse to be a decision rather than an uncontrollable condition. This places more responsibility on patients for their situation. As a result, patients with substance abuse face a greater financial burden when seeking treatment.

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