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Making the Prior Authorization Process Go More Quickly

Making the Prior Authorization Process Go More Quickly
Here are ways that you can make your prior authorization process go quicker.

It can be a challenging process getting pre-authorizations. Sometimes, it can feel so daunting to physicians that they would elect to remove it entirely. We don’t expect that will be the case anytime soon, but there are ways to increase the speed of your prior authorization process so that it’s easier and less tedious. Here are ways that you can make your prior authorization process go quicker.

Get a Prior Notification Star

Your staff may spend plenty of time on doing pre-authorization. Because of this, you won’t want to have someone inexperienced working on them. Try to get an experienced prior notification expert to handle this aspect of your facility.

Make sure that they have whatever tools are needed so they can update any payer rules and keep the process documented constantly. Ideally, this expert can work on prior notification undistracted, and if you have multiple doctors at your facility, this is the course of action you’ll want to take,

Don’t Try to Fight With City Hall

Dreading the prior authorization process isn’t going to make it any better, but if you take a proactive approach, then it won’t be as daunting. Put a list together that includes whatever procedures and medications have to be preauthorized, and break those items down based on the insurer. After that, let your clinicians know that they should check the preauthorization requirements prior to sending out any prescriptions or providing services to clients.

Make Sure The Process is Followed Properly

If you’re going to get authorizations done properly, you need to have placed a full request along with thorough data. If you try to cut corners during this process, it’s only going to increase the likelihood that you will receive a denial. You’ll have to perform the process properly anyway, but trying to take shortcuts will ultimately cost you more time.

Go Peer-to-Peer

It’s not typically our first choice to have a physician talk with a payer over the phone. Sometimes, however, it’s much easier to make a brief phone call with a physician. This way, you save a whole lot of time that staff would have spent attempting to get a bad authorization resolved.

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