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How to Make Your Medical Billing Process More Patient-Friendly

How to Make Your Medical Billing Process More Patient-Friendly

Make your practice more patient-friendly in 2019!

Your medical billing process is in a lot of ways, the backbone of your practice’s revenue cycle.  In order for operations to run as smoothly as possible, you need to have a clear process in place for your patients.  When there is any sort of confusion on the patient’s end, you will likely run into issues. For instance, patients are often unaware when payments are due or about copayments on their accounts.  One of the best ways to ensure that your medical billing process is a success is to ensure it is as patiently-friendly as possible. Keep reading for some tips on how to do this.

Always be Transparent and Personable When Speaking with Patients

Billing issues are going to inevitability occur .  To keep problems at a minimum is to be clear about payments terms from the start.  There should never be any surprises for your patients if everything is outlined at their first appointment.  However, this does not mean you want to sound overbearing or forceful when you communicate with them. This could easily turn away patients, which would mean a loss of revenue for your medical practice.  Patients appreciate payment reminders and when staff members are personable when working with them.

Make It Easier On Your Patients When Possible

At the end of the day, it is important always to have money coming through your doors.  When you are not getting paid at all is when your practice is going to start having financial struggles.  Sometimes, you need to figure out ways to help your patients pay their bills. Payment plans are great in that they allow patients to pay off their debts on a regular basis and still allow for inflows.  Another option is to provide settlement offers to patients who have taken too long to pay off their bills.

Be Thorough When Collecting Patient Information

It may sound silly, but the smallest typo can result in many problems when it comes to medical billing.  Front office staff needs to be trained to be entirely thorough when collecting and recording patient information.  Mistakes will lead to a variety of issues, which will result in unhappy patients.

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