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How Healthcare Productivity Should Be Measured

How Healthcare Productivity Should Be Measured
Here is how you can measure your healthcare productivity.

How do you believe “productivity” should be measured in the healthcare industry? It is imperative that you understand how to keep your practice financially stable while also keeping patients satisfied. However, tracking your productivity metrics is not so black and white. You must understand the grand scheme of things, especially right now, when technology is thriving. Here is how you can measure your healthcare productivity.

How is Healthcare Productivity Traditionally Measured?

High productivity is usually linked to a couple of different metrics. These metrics often have to do with money or how much time you spend in your medical practice. Factors that may be included could be how many patients you see or how much time a physician gets to spend with each of their patients.

For financial purposes, healthcare productivity could be impacted by how much money is spent hiring staff at the peak hours of operation. Sometimes, productivity is affected when you keep your physicians past their standard work hours. In this scenario, you would attain positive healthcare productivity if you hire staff only when it is absolutely required, and only for the most vital of patient care. Now, minimizing expenses and time can be helpful in some regards, but they don’t automatically equate to success.

Problems With Traditional Productivity in Healthcare

Some physicians might not see as many patients in a day, and this can be seen as bad. However, the tradeoff here is that each individual patient tends to be more satisfied, which opens the door to more benefits for your healthcare practice. When patients have positive experiences, they leave positive reviews, improving the reputability of your practice.

The opposite can be said of practices that try to see too many patients at a time. Care often takes a backseat to the numbers game of trying to see as many patients as possible. As a result, poor reviews are given, which harms your practice overall. This does not mean that time is not a variable and that only care matters. Patients still appreciate when care can be delivered swiftly. What it does mean is that productivity gets measured using a combination of hard and soft metrics.

How Healthcare Productivity Can Be Improved For You

What can you do to raise your productivity the most? The first thing to do is recognize all the metrics at play, like how much time you spend with patients, overall level of care, and how satisfied the patients end up being. Next, you’ll want to incorporate technology into your practice so that you can keep unproductive tasks down to a minimum. This keeps physicians with their patients while the machinery helps handle the paperwork, among other tasks that the physicians do not have to handle. Lastly, it is important to understand what variables are at play that hinder your productivity. Sometimes, it is a matter of taking more time to see patients, while other times, it could be the distance patients must travel from their car to the office. When you know where to allocate your attention, you can address these problems and improve your patients’ experiences with you.

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