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Who Is In Favor Of Co-locations?

Who Is In Favor Of Co-locations?

Are you in favor of co-locations?

In the world of healthcare, the term ‘co-location’ refers to a medical facility which contains multiple entities. In other words, at a co-location facility, you may not need to drive to other locations in order to receive the care that you need.  

This strategy usually proves effective for obtaining more patients to a care site and generating a higher percentage of the market. However, many patients are not aboard the co-location train; many patients like going to different places because they feel they receive more personal attention and specialized care.

A 2014 Primary Care Consumer Choice Survey conducted by The Advisory Board gathered data from 4,000 consumers regarding their preferences for medical attention and treatment for various illnesses at primary care facilities.  The study in part showed that a medical organization who is attempting to grow needs to understand and appreciate the preferences of patients today.

The question becomes, how you can attract both supporters and non-supporters to your practice through co-location?  Here is what the market is saying about co-location supporters.

Men Are Supporters of Co-location

Generally speaking, men are bigger supporters of co-location than women.  According to the study conducted by The Advisory Board, the male participants in the survey preferred co-location services more than the women respondents.  

The rationale at the end of the study concluded that men tend to look for convenience and accessibility more so than women.  That being said, if your aim is to attract more males to your care facility, you should find ways to layer your specialties through co-location.

The Younger Generations Are Supporters of Co-location

It is fair to say that most millennials don’t like going to see their primary care doctor.  They especially don’t like when they go to their doctor and they are referred to other places for services, such as imaging.  For this reason, millennials tend to be in favor of co-location.

According to the same study, young people were the biggest supporters of co-location, which is a significant finding because this will help shape the future of health systems.  The study concluded that in addition to convenience, millennials are concerned about affordability, which is a significant advantage of co-location.

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