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Changing your Practice Management System

If you have decided to switch your practice management system, you should consider these thoughts.

It can be a tough decision to change your practice management system. Change is an intimidating word, but it can also instill a feeling of hopefulness for the future. If you stick with an old practice management system, it might not be as efficient. This can harm your cash flow and make your team work harder. If you have decided to switch your practice management system, you should consider these thoughts.

Meeting with Involved Staff Members

You should meet with the staff members who will use the new practice management system the most and get their feedback. This means you should get any good feedback as well as bad feedback. You should also ask them about any hopes they have for the capabilities of the practice management system.

Timing, Budget, and Management Team

As an organization, you need to determine a budget, timing, and the staff who will head project management while you are switching between systems. While evaluating your practice management system, there should be clear directions and concrete goals so that your system will be as efficient as it can be.

Practice Management Vendors

You should conduct research and get a list of practice management vendors that have peaked your interest. This means you need to conduct an online search, read industry articles as well as any news and press releases from companies that look at reviews found online. If you do research ahead of time, you’ll have more productive conversations with vendors when you meet with them.

After you have made a list of all of the practice management vendors you’re considering, you should perform critical evaluations on all of them so you can compare them with each other.

  • Ask the vendors for personalized demos of their practice management system. Discuss your pain points with them and what you want to achieve by switching systems. Also, ask any initial questions.
  • Find out about additional offerings the vendor has. It could help you determine if you should reevaluate other technologies in your practice.
  • Go to industry trade shows and talk with members of the vendor’s team so you can better understand the staff and company behind the practice management system.
  • Inquire about how often their product gets updated and how well if keeps up with regulatory changes that keep it compliant.
  • Ask the staff about any specific practice management features that can help you satisfy the needs of different roles in your practice.

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