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Benefits and Potential Problems With Electronic Health Records

Benefits and Potential Problems With Electronic Health Records
Here are the pros and cons that may come with using electronic health records.

Many people are seeing how important computer and software systems have become in the healthcare industry, especially when trying to improve the productivity of employees and provide treatment to patients in a more effective manner. A specific piece of software that is used is EHR software. This software can offer its fair share of benefits, though it may have a few shortcomings that should be brought to your attention before you start using it. Here are the pros and cons that may come with using electronic health records.

Pro: Templates That Save Time

Electronic health records that are already designed tend to be a great benefit. With the help of templates, it does not matter if you are handling general practice encounters or if you are providing specialized care because there should always be a template available that helps staff input all of the proper information about their patients.

Con: Criminal Hackers

If you want to use electronic health records, you have to understand that there has to be great emphasis placed on the protection of people’s medical data. This is extremely sensitive information, so it should not ever fall into the wrong hands.

One example is ransomware attacks, which involve hackers putting malware into the servers of a medical organization. If they get access to a patient’s data, they can hold all the data they’ve collected hostage until they receive payment. All the while, you will not have access to patient data, causing your practice to be slowed down significantly.

The public may even find out about such data breaches, which can damage the practice’s reputation.

Pro: Patient Portal Improves Access

By activating your EHR system’s patient portal, you can save considerable time while raising the engagement levels of the patient. With this portal, patients can input their own information. This means they won’t be burdened with the redundant task of writing all of the same details on many different papers. Your staff will be liberated from the task of entering this information too.

Con: Developer Doesn’t Provide Updates in a Timely Fashion

The one who developed your EHR software can play a pivotal role in determining how valuable the software is. Be careful about who developed your EHR software. If the developer does not provide regular updates, it could be a potential problem. Look at your developer’s record because it can serve as an indicator for whether they are invested in the software you are currently using.

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