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3 Common Medical Billing Errors

3 Common Medical Billing Errors

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Medical billing is an extensive process that requires a lot of care and attention.  Since there is so much that goes into it, issues have been known to arise when organizations go to file claims.  Here are some of the most common medical billing errors and some steps you can take to avoid them.

Duplicate Billing

Nobody wants to be billed for the same treatment twice.  Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly uncommon in the medical industry and is a surefire way to upset a patient.  This error has been known to occur when a provider neglects to check to see if the patient has already paid for the services that they have received.  For this reason, patient bills always need to be monitored, and there needs to be clear communication between staff members. It is critical that everyone is consistently on the same page when it comes to filing a patient’s claim.

Incorrect Information/Typos

People are going to make mistakes.  A staff member or medical billing specialist that process several claims a day may overlook an important piece of information or accidentally put in the wrong code.  It is important that every piece of information on a claim is filed correctly for it to go through. In order to reduce the chance for mistakes, you want to review key pieces that relate to a patient’s account.  This includes name, contact information, billing address, etc. You will also need to be mindful you are entering the right insurance information like the address and correct policy number.

Patient Insurance Coverage Was Not Verified

Medical claims get denied all the time.  In many cases, it is because the provider never verified the patient’s insurance coverage. If this is the case, it is necessary to check a patient’s authorizations and insurance coverage before their appointment.  By contacting the payer, you can verify information such as the coverage period, effective dates, determine deductibles, etc. The goal is to ensure a patient does not receive any services that will not be covered by their insurance plans.

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