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3 Best Practices For Urgent Care Center Billing

3 Best Practices For Urgent Care Center Billing

Follow these medical billing best practices! 

The urgent care market is currently in an excellent financial position, and we should expect considerable growth over the next few years. However, even with that being said, for an urgent care center to be successful, they can’t afford costly billing mistakes. Not only do these missteps hurt an a center monetarily, but they also reflect poorly on an organization. Let’s take a look at some of the best practices for urgent care center billing.

Don’t Let Charges Slip Through The Cracks

A patient visit to an urgent care center is generally quite hectic. With all that happenings inside of these facilities, it can be easy for a provider to get lost in the shuffle. It is not uncommon for important paperwork/documentation to be missed which often leads to missed charges. Common examples of such include forgetting to document lab work, injections, x-rays, and not listing the correct medicine dosage amounts. With that being the case, it is crucial that providers immediately document all services after they are provided so nothing is ever missed.

Ensure Accuracy When Filing Claims

Errors are a considerable problem when organizations file claims. The good news is that they can usually be avoided. All necessary information needs to be included; otherwise, it can be a denial. Some common mistakes include not including/putting the wrong code modifiers, not specifying the code clearly, and not writing legibly. To prevent these kinds of missteps, claims need to be double checked before they are submitted. Another route you could take would be to outsource your medical billing to a team of trained specialists who will ensure the accuracy of your claims.

Emphasis On The Front-End

The revenue cycle process is quite extensive. It begins the moment a patient walks up to your front desk. For this reason, you want to ensure that your processes on the front-end are running correctly. For example, existing balances should be requested from patients before they can walk into their appointments. If you do not have correct front-end processes, you are setting your center up for loss of revenue. Your front-desk staff should always be up to speed for what is expected of them.

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