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Fremont is a city located in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. Some of the popular highlights of this great city include the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum, which traces back to the early days of filmmaking through artifacts and photos. Mission San José is also a fantastic 1700s Spanish Mission, with a reconstructed church and museum. Although it’s not NYC, Fremont’s Central Park is a popular place to visit and home to Lake Elizabeth and the Aqua Adventure Water Park. Are you on the search for the best medical billing company in Fremont? If you are looking to streamline your revenue cycle and take your medical billing services to the next level, we are the team of experts for you!

We Are Medical Billing Experts in Fremont, California

Our medical billing company is a trusted resource in Fremont that is here to help strengthen your hospital or practice’s financial success. Each member of MedHelp Inc. is valuable, experienced, and well-trained. We also value and provide top-notch customer service, so you can rest assured that your practice is in good hands. MedHelp Inc always maintains its integrity and highest ethical standards. We are leaders in the industry for a reason! 

Medical Billing Company in Fremont, California
When you choose MedHelp Inc. as your medical billing company, your facility or practice is in the best hands!

We know every billing company will tell you that they are the best and that their customer service is at the top, so please don’t just take our word for it, call and ask for a reference list of MedHelp clients. Nobody can drive home the message of our service like the people who use it!

Our Medical Billing Services

As an expert medical billing company, we provide highly comprehensive services to help a wide variety of clients in Fremont, California. Our exceptional billing services and solutions are split into five unique categories:

No matter which service you are looking for or best fits your needs, we work hard to make sure your medical billing needs are satisfied! An efficient payment system is vital to keeping your facility organized, successful, and profitable.

Urgent Care Center Billing Program 

Our Urgent Care Center Billing Program focuses predominantly on streamlining the revenue cycle to save you time. We aim to rapidly increase your cash flow and work with payers to help the process run smoothly. Transparency is very important to us! Viewing our billing system allows you to see everything we have done on a patient’s account from beginning to end.

Our Physician & Medical Facility Billing Program

MedHelp, Inc.’s primary business function is to collect the payments that our Fremont clients have earned and to help organize all of their operations. All of our new clients have experienced an increase in cash collections when they change to MedHelp for medical billing services. 

Our billing service program capitalizes on our extensive experience and knowledge in the industry and works to maximize your reimbursement. 

Our Program Includes:

  • Review, research, and classification of all open accounts
  • Evaluation of registration process
  • Analysis of coding and modifier use
  • Fee schedule analysis and development guidance
  • Insurance credentialing for physicians
  • Prompt billing follow up with third party payers or patients

Are You Ready to Streamline Your Finances in Fremont, California with MedHelp Inc?

Client relations and support are our top priority. We are a trusted medical billing company that is here to help you in Fremont, California. For more information, call MedHelp Inc. at (443) 524 4457 or toll-free at 1-800-275-6011!