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Mesa, Arizona is a city just east of Phoenix. It is home to the Mesa Grande Cultural Park which has a giant, historic ceremonial mound and artifacts of the ancient Hohokam people. There is also the Arizona Museum of Natural History, which exhibits dinosaur skeletons and archaeological finds. With such a large, cultural community in Mesa, it is no wonder that medical professionals need a medical billing company on their side like MedHelp Inc!

We An Expert Medical Billing Company in Mesa, Arizona

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As an expert medical billing company in Mesa, we have been supporting hospitals and medical practices for over 20 years! Our goal is to boost efficiency, improve cash flow, and streamline revenue cycles. Our team of medical billing experts will ensure that your facility follows industry regulations and centralizes all finances. Some of our expert services include pro-fee billing, revenue recovery, emergency department MCO denial appeals, and credentialing solutions!

Our Medical Billing Services

Our exceptional billing services and solutions are split into five unique categories:

Each service is outlined in detail and can offer financial support for your medical practice, while also ensuring peace of mind for all patients. An efficient payment system is vital to keeping your facility organized, successful, and profitable! Do you have a medical billing company that can help you like us?

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Billing Program

We work with substance abuse centers and mental health centers to help provide the best billing management services and solutions!

Billing issues can be a plague on Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment facilities in Mesa. That is why MedHelp, Inc. offers medical billing solutions for these facilities and all of their financial management needs. In order to minimize the impact on your industry, MedHelp believes that effective denial prevention & claims recovery management demands a committed team approach. We are the team that can navigate the overwhelming medical billing industry and strategies. 

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Medical practices and hospital facilities in Mesa entrust MedHelp Inc. for all medical billing company services. We value communication with our clients and prioritize high-quality customer service. For more information about us, call MedHelp Inc. at (443) 524-4455 or toll-free at 1-800-275-6011!