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What To Expect In Healthcare Finance

What To Expect In Healthcare Finance

Expect considerable changes in healthcare finance over the next few years!

Due to the development of technology in recent years and the concern of value-based care, health systems are looking for ways adapt with the future in mind. Healthcare finance is not what it used to be. There are several ways it becomes more complex every single year. Here are a few things that healthcare finance may be moving towards.

Rethinking The Financial Leadership Model

Many organizations have an old budget structure. Some will argue that the whole system needs to reconsidered and institutions need to move away from value-based care. However, at the same time, there are also many who firmly believe that risk-payment sharing models and value-based payments are not going anywhere anytime soon. There are plenty of providers that still partially rely on value-based revenue. This can cause problems when an organization is concerned with helping all of their customers through the health care as efficiently as possible. It makes more sense for an institution to rely solely on one dominant payment model.


Hackers are getting smarter every single day. For this reason, cybersecurity in health systems and hospitals require a great deal of attention.There are plenty of criminals in the world today who are trying to steal classified data from these institutions. Last year, there was a giant spike in the amount of money that hospitals budget for cybersecurity. There are some who have even gone as far as hiring data analysts to secure their systems.

Data Analytics

The numbers are showing that hospitals are investing in more data analytics and other forms of technology. Many large health systems are using data analytics to manage population health. In terms of hospitals, it is helpful because it allows them to determine the cost per case data for a particular procedure.

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Investments

Many institutions are looking for ways to achieve revenue growth Nowadays; we are seeing more patient interactions being performed on the on the outpatient side. It used to be that hospitals would invest in departments for upgrading purposes. However, nowadays, we can see that hospitals are building more satellite ambulatory locations. By doing so, this allows an institution to continue to increase their revenue outside of the hospital. There are also outpatient strategies that involve the investment of IT development tools to make healthcare more accessible to a user online.

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