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Signs You’ve Selected a Bad Medical Billing Company

Signs You’ve Selected a Bad Medical Billing Company
Read on to learn why you’ve chosen the wrong medical billing company.

Medical billing can be a big undertaking to handle on your own, so that many medical facilities will outsource their billing tasks to a third-party company. However, how can you be sure that your chosen company is the right one for the job? Fortunately, there are warning signs that will tell you when a billing company isn’t worth trusting. Read on to learn why you’ve chosen the wrong medical billing company.

They Only Provide References From a Pre-Printed List

It’s great when you can see plenty of positive reviews from past clients a company has assisted, but be wary of companies that only show positive reviews. No medical billing company is perfect, so when you see nothing but praising reviews, it’s a sign that they’re hiding something from you. A trustworthy company won’t hesitate to show you reviews from every client, whether the review is good or bad. This tells you that they’re open to constructive criticism and learn from their mistakes to provide a better quality of care to future clients.

They Don’t Let You Run Reports on Your Own

You want system-generated reports because you’ll know that the numbers you get are genuine. When your medical billing company doesn’t allow you to run reports this way, you won’t know if you’re receiving accurate information. There’s nothing wrong with your company providing you with a snapshot report, but it should be provided alongside a system-generated report instead of one.

You Don’t Know What Kind of Billing Software They Use

There are all kinds of billing systems that billing companies use, and understandably, you won’t know about every one of these systems. With that said, any billing software worth trusting should be able to be researched, and it should be used by many other companies in the medical billing industry. When you hear that your company is the only one using particular software, that’s a red flag that they are likely not the company for you.

They Refuse to Give You a Daily Report of What They Accomplished

Daily reports are essential for tracking payments, charges, and adjustments. Both you and your medical billing company should be able to access the same system so that you can generate your reports. Otherwise, you won’t know what’s been happening until you get to the end of the month, and a lot can happen in four weeks. You need to know what demands your attention much sooner than that.

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