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Overcoming Challenges That Medical Credentialing Faces

Overcoming Challenges That Medical Credentialing Faces
Here are challenges medical credentialing faces and how to conquer them.

Many medical practices have struggles in the realm of provider credentialing. Not only does it take a lot of time, but it’s also a highly complex process, assuming you do it properly. If you don’t do credentialing the right way, it will cost your practice time and money.  There can be financial and legal troubles, and you’ll run into issues with enrollment. To do medical credentialing properly, it helps to know how to overcome the biggest challenges in the domain. Here are challenges medical credentialing faces and how to conquer them.

Not Enough Staff to Verify Credentials

You can’t just have anyone handling provider credentialing. It’s a process that must be handled by professionals. Are you aware of the providers who need to have their credentials verified? Such groups include therapists, doctors, physician assistants, physicians, and nurses, among other providers.

You need to verify every credential, every bit of training, every certificate, and all past employment statuses.

When you don’t have the staff needed for this process, you create a more stressful environment for the few staff still in your medical practice. This can cause the remaining staff to make errors, causing rejections from insurance providers and delays in reimbursement.

To remedy this problem, recruit staff from a third-party medical billing company. A few extra hands can take stress off your employees and allow them to be more accurate due to the decreased workload that lets them pay more attention to each application.

Provider Enrollment Applications That Aren’t Completed Fully

If you’re going to finish your medical credentialing process, you’re going to need provider enrollment applications. These applications must be done both completely and correctly, or else you’re going to get delays in reimbursement or even have claims get denied entirely.

Since human error can occur while creating and sending these applications, it helps to minimize errors by using credentialing software. With the right software, your practice will save money and time, all while being more accurate and getting fewer rejections.

Keeping Information Updated

It’s not always easy for healthcare companies to get access to applicant data. If your medical credentialing process is well-structured, it means that healthcare providers keep their licenses and certifications current. All that is required is for those providers to renew whatever licenses and certifications they have on a regular basis. A large majority of all credentialing applications will contain information that is not current, not accurate, or even not existent.

To avoid problems such as this, you should have physician contact information available to you. This will help make the credentialing process faster, and you will be less likely to run into credentialing problems as well.

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