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Making Sure Your EHR System is Upgraded Successfully

Making Sure Your EHR System is Upgraded Successfully
Here is what you should do to make sure your EHR system upgrade goes well.

Is your EHR system feeling a little outdated? Do you think it could benefit from a few added improvements? If so, it is possible to upgrade the EHR system you currently have. There are both artificial and human factors that need to be considered when upgrading your current system. You have to understand what your practice needs while also guaranteeing that you can get your staff all of the necessary training to ease the process of transitioning to the new system. Here is what you should do to make sure your EHR system upgrade goes well.

Think About What You Do Vs. Don’t Need

EHR technology continues to become increasingly complex over time. There is a certain level of specificity that we never thought would happen before. You can consider getting an EHR system upgrade that actually places a limit on what data is able to be input.

Check Existing Systems for Compatibility

Even if you are going to upgrade your EHR system, that does not mean that all of your administrative technologies will get the same treatment. Because of this, it becomes more important than ever to check for compatibility with the technology you have. This goes for reporting, data backups, hardware, and more.

Be Sure That You Have a Bandwidth

Are you confident that it is actually time to get an upgrade for your EHR system? There are questions that pop up regarding the technology and training needed for the transition, but on top of that, there are other resources that might be in limited supply.  You might not have enough staff or time available to make the transition a smooth one.

Before you make an EHR upgrade, you should put aside enough time and resources to guarantee you do not have to test the new system while being underprepared.

You Should Have Sufficient Training Resources On Hand

Even if you stick to the same vendor while upgrading the EHR system you have, it does not mean your system is going to have the exact functionality of your previous system. Take a moment to consider what works and what does not, then think about how the changes to your EHR system will resolve the problems you are facing.

It is for this reason that you should look over your vendor’s training materials and operation manuals before you begin using the new system. Understanding how your system functions with your current workflow is important for getting the most out of it.

Training will be needed any time you get an EHR upgrade so that your staff will know how to correctly use the new system.

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