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Is It Best to Outsource Your Medical Billing Services?

Outsourcing medical billing services can do many things for your practice.

Medical billing has been a part of many practice’s regular routines for many years. However, as practices take on more clients, it can sometimes become overwhelming trying to handle all their medical billing services on their own. This is when it’s best to outsource those services to a third-party company. But outsourcing goes well beyond simply making day-to-day work more convenient. Outsourcing medical billing services can do many things for your practice.

Lower Your Expenses

Medical billing companies enjoy what is known as an economy of scale. This means that the cost of individual units goes down as production companies create more units. While a private practice might have to handle many billing claims, a billing company must handle far more. This means that the cost of each bill goes down significantly if you outsource to a third-party company.

Make Fixed Expenses Variable

If your medical practice requires you to hire a billing department of your own, the main cost is going to be the salaries (and benefits) you pay your employees. These salaries are known as fixed costs because they remain constant, no matter how well or poorly your business is performing. However, if you outsource to a medical billing company, you pay them at a variable rate. They will only charge a certain percentage of what is collected. This means you will not have to pay them as much money if there is an overall reduction in collections for any reason.

Get Paid More Quickly

A billing company is strongest in the billing field. Billing is not treated as a side project to them. They can handle your bills more quickly, handle rejections as they come, and re-bill while correcting any errors. A billing company will ensure that all claims are electronic and that they are set up to get ERAs.

Alleviate Stress From Your Employees

Getting your paperwork done is not the only aspect that comes with submitting your own bills, which is already taxing enough. It also comes with fixing errors, monitoring your process, and getting fee reviews done to ensure that reimbursement comes in at the right rate. These are tasks you can avoid placing on your employees by letting a medical billing company handle them instead. When you let a medical billing company handle all of these tasks, it lets your employees handle other tasks, making your practice more efficient.

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