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Improving Hospitals ROI Through Revenue Cycle Management

Improving Hospitals ROI Through Revenue Cycle Management

Effective RCM speeds up the collections process and ensures that claims are being collected.

Effective revenue cycle management (RCM) will maximize the return on investment (ROI) of a hospital. If you don’t have a good system in place, it can be challenging to juggle the various overhead expenses while still needing to pay the physicians and other members of staff. In addition to that, hospitals who want to stay modern and competitive, need to be willing to invest in newer technologies. Since effective RCM should leave to higher ROI at an organization, here are some areas were hospitals should always be looking to improve.

The Significance Of RCM

Effective RCM speeds up the collections process and ensures that claims are being collected. Not only does it promote faster inflows, but it also handles denied claims. Many hospitals are still missing out on revenue opportunities because they fail to follow up with denied claims. In addition to all that, RCM deals with coding claims, collecting copays, and patient insurance eligibility.

In the case of many hospitals and healthcare organizations, most billing and collections processes are still being completed manually and utilizing paper. Not only does this drive up costs for an organization (needed to pay for postage and printing), but it also is time-consuming and not necessary. However, by utilizing new information technologies, you can speed up the processing of claims by not having to worry about manual processes. Hospitals nowadays should be looking to cut down on facets such as unnecessary paperwork and verifying contracts with every payer.

Simplify Your Processes

RCM has a lot of moving components. For your billing and collections processes to be successful, there needs to be synergy within your hospital. Everyone needs to have defined roles within the organization; however, that does not mean there should not be cross-training to some degree. A hospital is comprised of physicians, nurses, administrative personnel, billing staff, and many others. It is essential that your hospital staff shares common goals and recognizes that they are a team and are in it together. In many cases, when the RCM of a hospital is lagging, it can be attributed back to misunderstandings of responsibilities, inadequate amounts of training, and when people not being on the same page.

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